Marc Jacobs Store Tokyo

Written By bryanboy

Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo isn’t complete without paying the Marc Jacobs (Aoyama) store a visit. Marc’s fall/winter 2011 collection is, hands-down, one of my favourites this season.

Bryanboy at the Marc Jacobs Aoyama store in Tokyo, Japan

Click click click!

Bryanboy looking at Marc Jacobs fall winter 2011 shearling bags
Bryanboy holding a polka dot Marc Jacobs top
Bryanboy and Dan Bailey of Tokyo Dandy at Marc Jacobs Tokyo
Bryanboy talking to his Japanese fans at the Marc Jacobs store, Tokyo
Bryanboy posing with his Japanese fans inside the Marc Jacobs store Tokyo
Inside the second floor of the Marc Jacobs boutique Tokyo
Bryanboy greeted by Japanese fans at Marc Jacobs
Bryanboy and a Japanese celebrity wearing Fendi at Marc Jacobs Tokyo
Bryanboy posing in front of the mirror at Marc Jacobs Aoyama
Bryanboy and Dan of Tokyo Dandy
Bryanboy and a fan inside Marc Jacobs Tokyo

Photos via Wataru Fukaya and Josh Madson


  1. Mariko Iwai

    Who is the guy showing his chest and having a photo taken with you? He is hot! Thank you for your all the posts on FNO,,, I have been enjoying them so much. You should live in TOkyo, maybe?

  2. Love Marc – he is one of the best designers right now.. Beside Karl Lagerfeld! But love your outfit! And love the Louis Vuitton clutch!

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