Isabel Lucas for Vogue Australia December 2011

Written By bryanboy

For their December 2011 issue, Vogue Australia takes us to the Kalahari desert in Africa with actress Isabel Lucas.

Isabel Lucas for Vogue Australia December 2011 cover

What a perfect year-ender! Vogue Australia has been killing it with their terrific covers as of late. Their new Art Director deserves a good pat on the back.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me — it’s always exciting when a fashion magazine dances to the beat of their own drum.


  1. That is an awesome cover, can’t remember ever seeing anything like that “VOGUE” lettering before.

  2. Unlike most Vogue editions, Vogue Australia is owned by Murdoch’s News Limited (and not Conde Nast). Maybe that’s why their covers are different from most other editions.

  3. You’re totally right. This cover is great. I’m always impressed by the amount of talent coming from Australia.

    I like Australian Vogue Living too!!!

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