I visited the Hermes pop-up store at Omotesando yesterday during Fashion’s Night Out 2011 Tokyo. For a limited time only, the pop-up store will carry Hermes’ iconic silk scarves and gorgeous enamel bracelets.

Bryanboy at Hermes for Fashion's Night Out Tokyo 2011

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Bryanboy at Hermes pop-up studio
Bryanboy with PR representatives from Hermes
Mannequin wearing draped Hermes silk scarf
Two mannequins wearing Hermes silk scarves draped as halter tops
Hermes PR and Bryanboy looking at a silk scarf
Hermes Japan Public Relations representative shows Bryanboy a silk scarf
Bryanboy choosing Hermes silk scarves
Bryanboy trying on paper Hermes bracelets
Printed Hermes silk scarves in Tokyo
Bryanboy playing with paper Hermes bracelets
Oversized Hermes silk scarf hanging from the ceiling
A mannequin styled with Hermes silk scarves
Bryanboy taking photos inside Hermes pop-up store, Tokyo
Smiling Bryanboy looking at his photo at Hermes
Bryanboy and his agent from CAA looking at photos inside the Hermes pop-up store
Bryanboy holding a memento from Hermes pop-up studio
Bryanboy inside Hermes pop-up store, Omotesando Tokyo
Hermes silk scarves for sale in Tokyo
Hermes enamel bangles for sale at Hermes pop-up store
Hermes silk scarves for sale at the Hermes pop-up store in Omotesando, Tokyo

Photos via Wataru Fukaya