Four Questions

Written By bryanboy

I’m looking for straight-forward answers to my straight-forward questions. Go!
(I apologize in advance for the pop-up results…)

Tell me how you really feel.

Thanks guys! Feel free to post comments if you have any.


  1. last question is hard. although, i always love seeing posts with my 2 favs, you & rumi on either blog!

  2. i really cant tell but are you one of those spoiled brats sa pinas.! =)
    well i really love ur life , its cool you get to travel around and see fashion shows.

    wish you more power. =) ingat ka lagi =)

  3. As you’ve grown up your site has also evolved. I do miss your old posts from 06 about russian sailor gangbangs though.. :)

  4. best posts are with your friends. the several posts with you and a couple of your friends in sweden a couple months ago were some of the most fun.

  5. Many happy returns Mr Yambao ! :-)
    The blog is still fresh and vibrant…
    Right balance of the independent voice versus corporate sponsorship. Stay on this fine, and we will be coming back for more.
    Laurent xxx

  6. I love ever single aspect about your blog. Honestly, I think you have the perfect formula already. I love when you write deep post, but I like that you don’t do it often. Since you don’t do it often I feel like it’s a treat.

  7. I am always visiting your sites because of your personal style and outfits! You were the first fashion blogger I ever heard of (I was looking for some info about a new MBMJ dress I bought and I found the epic you in a bag photo)! I don’t like the fashion shows, but that is just me! I have seen them over and over again, what I do like is what you were wearing at the fashion shows! Love your style because it is unique and not always that obvious!

  8. The best things about your blog are your outfit posts along with comments on what works and what doesn’t.
    You combine things in a way that few people would, and I think your daring take on fashion is an inspiration. Too many fashionistas these days look like they’re straight out of a lookbook, and it’s so far from inspiring.
    I don’t really need straight up and down fashion shows from you, there are a million bloggers covering the shows. Booooring. What I want from you is your original take on things, or at least your own comments and reflections, otherwise I could just go to and stay there.
    We need your originality Bryan!
    Thank you for daring to be different.

  9. Let me start off by announcing your blog is one of the greatest blogs i have ever come across and you should be proud of your successful creation. With saying so, I feel you are have become largely concerned with the image your posts may present and therefore, you have developed a filter. I miss those days when you would blog about the most ludicrous things in a great humorous tone, not giving a shit to as how others may perceive it. I still love and will remain forever loyal to your blog, keep up the amazing work!

  10. Your blog really has evolved… so funny when I was just reading your blog post circa 2004-08 last week. From familia de horreur’s birdcage to Chanel frontrow. You’ve come so far granny bee!!!

  11. I had a hard time deciding which I want to see less of because I love your blog and I don’t want to see less of anything! Keep it going strong!

  12. “What do you like best on my site?” Other: The combination of all of those things is what makes me love your blog.

  13. I love your blog because its opinionated and sometimes bitchy. I’d love some more coverage on fashion, -people and -industry, but with your opinion, insights, experiences etc. – PS 7 years……. oouuhhh we’re getting old. Hard to imagine that the blogging world is that “old”…. feels like 3 years to me since I got into blogs… happy anniversary <3

  14. I started reading your blog yeas ago when it was just you doing your fun antics in manila. and international moments like the camel in China(<3 !!!). You brought people abroad like me into your world and I loooved it. Then word got out and you became famous. Fashion went from being a passion to being a job. Congrats! I kinda miss those days when you didnt have the weight and responsibility of the fashion crowd but I know your doing what it is best for you. All I can say is the original BRYANBOY (that quirky, funny, refreshingly real fashionista from Manila) is who I come back to! XOXO

  15. I emailed you this a few months back and it holds true today; I am a straight male but god am I gay for your lifestyle. Please keep sharing it with us.

  16. I love your blog but I often roll my eyes whenever you promise to post something at a later time coz I know half the time it ain’t happening.

  17. I’ve been following your blog since 2005. I remember the days where you were rocking rude ass Dior (circa pre s/s 2005 obviously when Dior was still fun)..making posts about how to douche with water bottles (not sparkling of course) and posting childhood pictures of you commenting on how great your waist line was. I’ll be honest and say I voted a big fat NO to the first question. I feel your blog was so campy, hilarious, and most of all outrageous back in the day. It was sort of my fashion escape. What if I could have a ton of money, go on shopping sprees in Hong Kong, and be obnoxiously decked out in everything Dior monogram? Your videos that you shot of you sashaying, smoking, and prancing around Manila shot by your maid were hilarious. I loved all of it. I stopped following your blog for a year or two but knew you were blowing up in the fashion blogosphere. to me have matured in terms of content and aesthetics and I praise that! I guess your old shtick would have gotten old. Its still fascinating to follow you now that you have all this access to the fashion industry. Its so great to see where this blog has taken you! Good luck to you in the future!
    Holy shit that was too long.

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