Costume National Aoyama Complex Tokyo

Written By bryanboy

My first stop on this year’s Fashion’s Night Out Tokyo festivities was the massive Costume National Aoyama Complex. The handsome Ennio Capasa gave me a personal tour of the ultra chic superstructure which contains the Costume National flagship store (I’m a fan of the brand; they make terrific coats and shoes), an art gallery and a cafe with a spectacular living wall. I had a hard time maintaining myself when he showed me the outdoor jacuzzi.

Bryanboy and Ennio Capasa at Costume National Aoyama Complex Tokyo

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Bryanboy and Rumi Neely at Costume National Aoyama Complex, Tokyo
Bryanboy and Japanese blogger Mai Sassy Girl
Bryanboy and Rumi looking at Costume National coats
Bryanboy and Rumi talking about how Rumi loves men's coats
Bryanboy smiling inside the Costume National Tokyo store
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely inside the Costume National boutique
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely posing for the cameras at Costume National store
Ennio Capasa giving Bryanboy a personal tour of the Costume National Aoyama Complex
Bryanboy and Ennio Capasa walking on the balcony
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely signing the Costume National wall
Bryanboy writes Congratulations Costume National
Rumi Neely loves Fashion's Night Out Japan
Bryanboy posing in front of the sign he made for Costume National
Bryanboy in front of Costume National autograph wall
Bryanboy pointing to his autograph for Costume National
Congratulations to Costume National from Bryanboy
Ennio Capasa and Bryanboy walking outside the Costume National Aoyama Complex
Costume National window
Costume National Fall Winter 2011 Menswear Coats
Costume National snakeskin bag

Photos via Wataru Fukaya


  1. So nice to see photos of Rumi smiling unselfconsciously – she looks so pretty when she’s not posing. And you look so great in the LV hat, much better than any woman I’ve seen wearing it!

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