Casa Michael Kors

Written By bryanboy

One of the stops I made during FNO Tokyo was the Michael Kors store in Omotesando where Michael himself held court. I’m so happy that I met him once again!

Michael Kors and Bryanboy at the Michael Kors store in Tokyo
Michael Kors Fashion's Night Out 2011 Tokyo
Bryanboy being photographed by his Japanese fans at the Michael Store boutique in Tokyo
Bryanboy photographed with his fans at the Michael Store Omotesando store

I’ve been to his office in New York and let me tell you, he’s all about luxury. I remember doing a re-see of his fall 2011 collection and I saw racks upon racks of gorgeous furs, exotic skins (remember my Michael Kors python coat) and garments with the highest quality fabrics. The Michael Kors woman is chic, super chic! It’s all about the Michael Kors cashmere sweater, it’s all about the Michael Kors cashmere coat. I’ve been keeping track of his work since he used to design for Celine! I must have been what, fifteen years old? Oh how fast time flies…


  1. Joel Weiden

    Love you and your blog. But, the hat is not fetching. With the glasses, you look like Yoko Ono, and she’s like what? 75?

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