1. Christian At Fashiongentrix

    So curious about the mens collection. I want colours and prints in shirts and sweaters :)

  2. I can’t wait! I love this collaborations, this way top designers are more reachable to people who cannot afford their clothes. :)

  3. Gerardo Arenas

    The Italians Year ! amazing how H&M is reaching more and more designers , i hope next one is an avant garde one, im thinking Balenciaga o Gareth Pugh , that would be amazing

  4. Gemma de Orleans

    I truly hope there is more colour to this collection, I cannot bare a Spring collection with so many mute colours, I’ve loved Marni’s acssesories but never its clothing. I truly hope the next collaboration would be Pucci/Balenciaga/Balmain or can I dream and ask for Givenchy at H&M :)

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