Last night was the opening of Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s uptown so I thought I’d go cray cray with my outfit. I recycled my printed onesie from Target and blocked it out with this spectacular big, bright, yellow feathered number from Adrienne Landau (available at Shopbop). The result? Madness! My friend Wendy freaked out when she saw me… and so did a lot of people haha! I mean really, it’s fair to say that 98% of the people in New York City wears black especially in these cold winter months. But sorry buddy, alas, I’m not one of those people. Oh oh oh, I hope Lady Gaga doesn’t mind that I used her precious little monsters as a backdrop for blog photos. I love them! Hah! ;-)

Big Bird's Yellow Feathers worn by Bryanboy
Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

Hat from Kitson Los Angeles, sunglasses from Prada, yellow feather coat from Adrienne Landau, onesie from Target, sandals from K. Jacques/Opening Ceremony Los Angeles

Click click click!

Wendy Lam and Bryanboy outside Barney's New York for Lady Gaga's Workshop Opening
Bryanboy outside Barney's New York Lady Gaga's Workshop hair window display
Wendy Lam kissing Lady Gaga Spider and Bryanboy looking into the camera
Lady Gaga's Workshop window display at Barney's
Bryanboy looking at the dark sky in front of Lady Gaga's fans
Bryanboy and Lady Gaga's Little Monsters

Photos via: Yu-Ming Wu