Who Let The Dogs Out?

Written By bryanboy

What was meant to be a day spent at the salon to rejuvenate my very tired self turned out to be yet another day roaming around town. With a tiny dose of shopping. Nothing outrageous — bought three hats, four scarves, a 2012 desk agenda and a notebook. I’m done shopping. For now. Seriously.

Bryanboy taking a break from shopping

I told my bf when he got home last night how I think I’ve reached new heights of paranoia because of my iPhone snatching incident and it’s bothering me. As you know, I’m the most careless AND carefree person in the world. When traveling around the metro by myself yesterday, I was so worried and paranoid something will happen to me. Every time I see a dodgy-looking man, I try to avoid being in his gaze. There was this one guy who looked at me really suspiciously my heart was pounding so hard during the train ride. I honestly thought he was waiting for me to get off the train at my next station so he can do bad things to me but thank god his station was a few stops before mine and he exited first.

I knew things have gone sour when I took out my camera’s memory card (where I have hundreds of photos) and put in my pocket — without even me realizing what I did. When I got home, I was like ‘oh wtf is my flash card doing in my pocket?’ It was at that point that I realized I took it out before entering the train to protect my photos just in case someone snatches my cumbersome Canon. What is happening to me? Taking public transport has never been so daunting. I wish I could take cabs all the time but they are SO expensive here. A five-minute ride would set you back a good forty American dollars. It’s that cray cray!

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Morning stroll at the park
Thorildsplan Tunnelbanna
Bryanboy getting his hair color done in Stockholm
Gustav and Bryanboy inside the Stockholm Tunnelbana
Chihuahua illustration
Herr Judit signage
Window display at Herr Judit
Herr Judit shop display Södermalm
Gustav at Mellqvist cafe Södermalm
Gustav outside Mellqvist Kafe
Bryanboy outside Mellqvist cafe in Södermalm
Bryanboy at Mellqvist cafe Södermalm
Dog outside Mellqvist cafe in Södermalm
RIX MorronZoo subway ads
Sean-Magnus Alskar Man
Ceramic dog art found in Södermalm, Stockholm
Ceramic dog sculpture
Gustav and Bryanboy trying hats at Weekday Götgatan
Bryanboy at Mest bar Götgatan
Gustav smoking a cigarette outside Mest bar in Götgatan
Götgatan Södermalm, Stockholm
Big Bag on the streets of Stockholm
Hot & Sour Soup at Ming Garden Chinese Restaurant, Södermalm, Stockholm
Bryanboy standing at an intersection in Södermalm
Södermalm Sunset, Swedish Dusk


  1. Try not to be too paranoid, cautious, but not paranoid! I live in the great horrible, yet shady city of Chicago, and I too must take public trans sometimes. This morning was a perfect example, as I was on my way to work, I put my hand through my Gucci tote bag too make sure if one of the three shady boys who were smoking on the train didn’t snatch it! We are living in perilous times, but I refuse to operate in fear, but yet caution! Be safe, live life, and love it lots!!

  2. It’s always important to be cautious, especially when the economy is bad because people become very desperate. It sounds like you’re just going through some Post-Traumatic Stress, hopefully it passes.

  3. Listen to @SHAWNMAYBERRY :) And BTW, the cabs in Norway r like 10 times more expensive… 4real!

    Love your blog Bryan !!

  4. has something happened to you in the past when you took public transportation before? in nyc, stuff is happening all the time when taking the metro and bus, so I do not blame you for being paranoid, better safe than sorry! I do like the idea of removing your memory card from your camera, pretty smart idea.

  5. i love your camera, but i suggest you not to be so paranoid because its not good for your health, sometimes things just happens, and for bad luck it just happened to you, but dont worry, maybe something great is coming ;). By the way, dont put your camera memory in your pocket because you have more probabilities to lose it there than someone steals it.

  6. Hi Bryanboy. I am a 4th year medical student and will train as a psychiatrist. I am sorry to hear you are worrying so much when taking public transportation. However, I don’t think you have “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” which is a serious diagnosis. Acute-stress disorder, however is a milder version of PTSD that occurs for less than 4 weeks when the stressor occurred within 4 weeks. If you don’t start to feel better by the 4th week after your iPhone got snatched or your symptoms get worse, you should see a physician. Be sure to let your bf, family and friends know how you’re feeling too. Un abrazo fuerte.

  7. I can relate, I had a similar feeling in Mexico City not long ago, I found myself taking my jewelry off and securing it to my bra strap I was so worried…. hope you are able to put the creepy feeling behind you and go back to your carefree self.

  8. sorry to hear that!! be cautious. and dont show that u are afraid of them. stare them right back and they’d know that u are not intimidated!!!

  9. Oh dear, still scared of black people? I’m sure the blonde haired blue eyed men of sweden won’t attack you and will protect you.

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