Turandot Restaurant, Moscow

Written By bryanboy

Are you Moscow-bound one of these days? A visit to the amazing restaurant, Tvrandot Palace, is a must. It’s been two years since I last went here. Be prepared for one of those ‘out-of-this-world’ experiences. The restaurant known as Tvrandot has got to have the most excessive and decadent interiors ever.

Bryanboy, Patrick and Keith at Turandot Palace, Moscow
Me and my dining companions, Patrick and Keith, couldn’t stop giggling at our ostentatious surroundings. After our meal, we took a bunch of photos, pretending we were old hags posing for Hello! Magazine. “Welcome to our gracious home!” It’s a good thing we went there quite late. We were the last patrons who left the restaurant.

In spite of the European decor, I love how the restaurant serves Asian fare — lots of Chinese and Japanese classics. I had a bowl of hot and sour soup followed by a very generous serving of crispy duck, prepared by waiters who wore period costumes. In other words, I basically had Chinese food inside a restaurant that looks like a FabergĂ© egg. What an experience!

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Turandot Restaurant Moscow menu
Patrick and Keith browsing the menu at Turandot restaurant, Moscow Russia
Upper floor interiors of TVRANDOT restaurant, Moscow
Ceiling of Turandot restaurant, Moscow
Hot and Sour soup, Turandot restaurant, Moscow
Waiters preparing Bryanboy's crispy aromatic roast duck meal
Crispy roast duck wraps
A plate of cripsy roasted duck
Painted ceilings of Tvrandot Moscow
Tvrandot restaurant doorknob
Bryanboy posing near the piano centerpiece of Tvrandot restaurant, Moscow
Keith posing at one of the dining rooms of Turandot restaurant, Moscow
Keith and Patrick at a private dining room
A chandelier at Tvrandot restaurant, Moscow
Lighting at Turandot restaurant, Moscow
Turandot Moscow fireplace
Ground floor of Turandot Palace restaurant Moscow, Russia
Porcelain men's toilet bowls at Tvrandot, Moscow
Sink at men's bathroom at Tvrandot, Moscow
Keith at Tvrandot restaurant, Moscow, Russia


  1. Evgenia Khobotneva

    hmmm… as for me, the people look more beautiful than the interior (if I’m allowed to compare, of course..)))

  2. Evgenia Khobotneva

    hmmmm… as for me, the guys look more beautiful than the interior (if I’m allowed to compare, of course)))

  3. OMG I laughed SO hard at those “this is my home sweet home” pictures ! But yeah it does look pretty amazing, it reminds me of Angelina’s in Paris. Mmmh thinking of that decacdent hot chocolate makes me hungry !
    Your friends are CUTEEEE

  4. Amazing pictures and still unbelivable what is possible in Moscow – but enjoy that day and thanks for sharing…

    1. bryanboy Post author

      Davy – of course I have friends of “minority”. What prompted you to ask that question?

  5. wow great pictures, this place looks incredible!! thanks for sharing, definitely putting this on the list of must-sees if i get the chance to travel to moscow! :)

    B xx

  6. Firstly, much respect for posting and replying to the question. I asked that question because being of minority myself, and having visiting your site for many years i can honestly say that i haven’t really seen any…. Maybe we’re just not fashionable enough?

  7. Very opulent – there’s a person missing here which will make the ambiance complete – AdR !!

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