To See Is To Believe

Written By bryanboy

I felt a bit peckish last night so I browsed the room service menu. A regular burger costs US$65 if you include the service fee, delivery fee, all these fees… I couldn’t help but laugh at the prices because they’re akin to robbery in broad daylight so when I told my bf about them, he said, “I hope that’s the first AND last time you’ll look at that menu.”

If you think a sixty dollar room service burger is too much, this small jar of wasabi peanuts from my mini-bar will set you back 970 rubles or US$31. Thirty one dollars for a jar of peanuts! I can’t. I. Just. Can’t. Deal.

Expensive wasabi peanuts in Moscow

This is how they roll in Moscow. Sad but true.


  1. Oh, you are in Moscow!! I am your russian reader from Moscow!!! I wish you to have a good time here :) but the weather is not good now :((

    If you have some free time we could meet !

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