Starlite Diner

Written By bryanboy

I know it sounds crazy but I’m one of those people who always go back to the same places over and over again. Maga and I went to Starlite Diner, a Muscovite institution where the young ‘uns go to for that post-clubbing/post-boozing meal. It still looks exactly the same after all these years. The last time I visited this place was roughly around five or six years ago. I went early this time around: early evening (6PM) instead of early in the morning. Don’t ask me why. This geriatric has a one AM self-imposed curfew. Ok two.

Bryanboy at Starlite Diner, Moscow

I ordered what they call “The Really Big Shawn Burger” — three hundred grams of pure beef patties with chili, cheese sauce, bacon and jalapeno peppers. I’m surprised I didn’t get a coronary from that one. It was insane. I really shouldn’t be eating these things because it’s very bad for the figure — you should’ve seen my face when I (unsuccessfully) tried FOUR jackets at the Céline store in Milan — but best to do this now before my metabolism REALLY slows down.

Click click click!

Bryanboy browsing the menu at Starlite Diner, Moscow
Starlite Diner, Moscow exterior facade
Maga-MGD Maga Umkhaev at Starlite Diner, Moscow
Lamp inside Starlite Diner
The Really Big Shawn Burger
Inside Starlite Diner, Moscow
Small hands versus big hands
Diners at Starlite Diner, Moscow
Maga looking at his phone


  1. Beatrice

    It seems to be an original place! Love the scenery! I should go there if I have the chance! :)

  2. Oh! mon dieu! it must be so good to return to a place you love and eat that….let’s just say you want to recover the good memories and do not feel so guilty about it but be aware!!! PLEASE!

  3. Huh, brings up memories:). Some from 10+ years ago, some just 3 weeks old… This place is really not to be passed by when visiting Moscow…

  4. All these handsome men of late on your blog! Which one is your lucky half???? I’m a pudgy, middle aged married woman who adores your writing. Such zest! Informed thoughts from a terrific man who knows right and wrong, is rightfully proud of himself but has a lovely down-to-earth nature and no arrogant self aggrandizement (the facts speak for themselves my dear about your brilliance)!

  5. Lovely place – and really special in the middle of Moscow… but I also come back to places I visited in the past…

  6. aha you are SO funny !! Yeah that burger looke HUGEEE but I’m glad you enjoyed it ! And it makes you feel any better, you still look hot and fit :)

  7. Hi Bryan ! :-)
    “You must be(our)lucky star.”
    Thanks for another delightful post.
    Love and Light.

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