Who’s That Girl?

Written By bryanboy

Behold the striking November 2011 issue of American Vogue. Rooney Mara, who’s in the new film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is on the cover shot by Mert & Marcus.

Rooney Mara Vogue Cover (USA) November 2011


I’ve seen the movie ‘The Social Network’ in long-haul flights not once but many times but, yes, I had to google Vogue’s cover girl. That’s right. Rooney who? Excuse my ignorance. When was the last time you googled a Vogue (or most American fashion magazines) cover subject? Never, I’m sure! I simply couldn’t stop asking myself — WHO’S THAT GIRL?

In this day and age of formulaic magazine covers, it’s admirable that American Vogue is leading the way by featuring an actress that is not overexposed. I love the element of surprise, the element of mystery. Truly a breath of fresh air.

On the subject of Rooney — it’s all about transformation. Take a look at google images and you’ll see how she transformed herself for her role. Spectacular.

I can’t wait to get this issue!


  1. Wow! I thought that too. I’m really surprised at Vogue for putting her on the cover, but equally impressed. What, no Jennifer Anniston (or sp. Aniston)?

    It seems she immersed herself in this role. I can’t wait to see the film. And I must say I am compelled to actually buy an issue of American Vogue for the first time in a year!

    Thanks for sharing the video.

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