Return To Sender

Written By bryanboy

This month, I’m celebrating seven years of my site, Has it really been THAT long? Internet years are like gay relationship years. And gay relationship years are like dog years; one year = seven years. Hah! As most of you guys know, I started my blog in October 2004 as a travel journal. Three years short of a decade later, I’m back to where it all began: Moscow.

Sunset sky in Moscow, Russia

I took a number of photos during the long ride from the airport yesterday afternoon. Photographer friends tell me the best time to take photos is an hour before sunset because of the light. They call it the ‘golden hour’. Looks like I missed it by a few minutes.

Click click click!

An apartment building in the outskirts of Moscow.
Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 car in Moscow
Another apartment building in Moscow
Moscow Apartment Building
Tall Soviet building in Moscow
Mercedes-Benz steering wheel
Football mosaic in Moscow
City structure shot at sunset
Sun shining through the gates
Horrendous Moscow traffic in the afternoon
Man walking in the city at sunset, Moscow
One of the Seven Sisters, Moscow, in sunset
Watching the sunset from a bridge, Moscow

Brought to you by Mercedes-Benz.


  1. Wonderful pictures and congratulation for 7 years being online… it is always a hard work and to write so contiously from all places worldwide is real special.

    Congratulations and you can be very proud of the things you reached…

    P.S. Nice pictures of Moscow…

  2. Congrats on the 7 years, Bryan. It’s great to see your “growth” into what you are today. Keep up the great work.:)

  3. just want you to know that ive been your consistent reader since 2006. still reading you kahit sa tsismis at trahedya na nangyari sa buhay mo. at hanggang nagyu number one fan mo pa rin ako!

  4. Congratulations! It has been a blast following you for some of these years! Cheers to seven new!! ;)

  5. Happy Blogging Anniversary! I just started following this blog like 5 days ago and it think it’s phenomenal. I live in Hawaii and it’s awesome how I can visit your blog and feel so connected to the fantasista world. Bryan Boy consider coming to Hawaii.

  6. Mel Sanogal

    hindi ko man mapuntahan ang mga lugar na narating mo, hindi ko man makikita ang mga taong nakilala mo at hindi ko man magagamit ang mga damit at bag mo sa tingin ko hindi na dapat. sapat na ang makapagbigay ka nang pag asa sa akin na ang bawat pangarap ay may katuparan. salamat sa inspirasyon. sa 6 na taong pagsubaybay ko sayo, sana aabot pa nang maraming taon! mabuhay ang!!!

  7. Happy Birthday-blog!! WOW seven years!! I like your theory about blog years-gay relationship years-dog years. And I have to tell you that was a pleasure meet you in these fashions weeks, and see the cool guy you are! I wish another seven years coolest as these.

  8. Anne Teodoro

    I really love your style, humour, blog writing and your individuality. Sorry for posting again. I’m a raving fan of yours. :P Keki loves you.

  9. congratulations bryan… its always nice to go back to where we started.. there is this sense of connection and joy that comes with it…hope more pinoys would be proud of you… bloggers are big now like fashion photographers and writers/ editors. Ingats.

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