This month, I’m celebrating seven years of my site, Has it really been THAT long? Internet years are like gay relationship years. And gay relationship years are like dog years; one year = seven years. Hah! As most of you guys know, I started my blog in October 2004 as a travel journal. Three years short of a decade later, I’m back to where it all began: Moscow.

Sunset sky in Moscow, Russia

I took a number of photos during the long ride from the airport yesterday afternoon. Photographer friends tell me the best time to take photos is an hour before sunset because of the light. They call it the ‘golden hour’. Looks like I missed it by a few minutes.

Click click click!

An apartment building in the outskirts of Moscow.
Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 car in Moscow
Another apartment building in Moscow
Moscow Apartment Building
Tall Soviet building in Moscow
Mercedes-Benz steering wheel
Football mosaic in Moscow
City structure shot at sunset
Sun shining through the gates
Horrendous Moscow traffic in the afternoon
Man walking in the city at sunset, Moscow
One of the Seven Sisters, Moscow, in sunset
Watching the sunset from a bridge, Moscow

Brought to you by Mercedes-Benz.