1. That’s soooooooooo mean! I can’t believe you posted that on your Youtube and your website! If I was your BF.. I would hate you for making me do that!

  2. hahahhahaaa bryan i love you so much!!! when you pinched his double chin = <3 haha that made my day! adorable!

  3. “Mundo” is not filipino. It’s Spanish. Your bf was right. And there are more than 2000 words in Tagalog (Filipino language) that are Spanish. Not influenced – actual Spanish words.

  4. ahahahaha!! oh my gosh he makes it sound like hes speaking in chinese or thai instead of filipino!! haha so cute!! :)

  5. Tani Bombeo

    ahahaha. you just showed the world that ikaw nga BB ang pinakamagandang bading sa buong mundo. envy! :)

  6. BB your boyfriend is the cutest in the world! I have a swedish boy for over 10 years and they are the best. I know you can learn swedish because I did (I moved to Lund and went to school there to be with him). Keep studying and I hope he will learn your language too

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