One Day (Trailer)

One Day (Trailer)

Written By bryanboy

I saw this film with the boyf earlier this evening and (like with most romance/chick flicks) I cried. I’m sure everyone in the cinema shed a tear or two as well.

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Have you seen it? I can’t believe Anne Hathaway got hit by a truck and the scene was brutal!

I’m buying the book. Click HERE to do the same.


  1. Incredibly strange that you just come right out with a, what I assume to be, vital, and perhaps the biggest part of the whole story line right there in the post. A bit disappointing. Perhaps deleting that little detail would be a good thing…..?

  2. Lucky you that you’ve seen the movie first…I read the book first and I’m afraid the movie won’t be better ;-( But I will definitely watch it! You will love the book!

  3. oh dear know you just ruined me having an experience like yours… please delete that BIG ASS REVELATION!

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