Karlie’s Gloss

Written By bryanboy

I arrived early at yesterday’s John Galliano show and managed to see the rehearsal before they let people in. Karlie Kloss opened the show. I love Karlie; that girl is a thoroughbred, through and through. She’s also one of the (genuinely) nicest models around.

Karlie Kloss at John Galliano Spring Summer 2012 rehearsal
Karlie Kloss at John Galliano SS2012 Fashion Show Rehearsal
Karlie Kloss at John Galliano Spring Summer 2012


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  2. I actually just happened to saw her like an hour ago while having dinner as she was going to her hotel, and she’s as beautiful in person as in the magazines! I always love listening to interviews of her, she really does seem super nice. I wish I’d had the guts to approach her, but the truth is that she must have been as tired as I was, and must have appreciated being left alone. :)

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