1. I love how your Filipino accent shines through when you speak English. An untrained ear might say you sound American, but I like how your “er”s and “the”s sound! You’re unique, that’s what you are :) (and if that’s your man with you, he’s gorgeous!)

  2. I’m watching that upper video on repeat! Hahah can’t stop laughing when your cute friend says that “Is you Robyn??” :’D So funny.

    Yeah, you should do a small Stockholm-guide! Next time I’m there I want to visit at your favorite places. And what about Elin’s favorite places?! You should publish like a “Nowmanifest bloggers Stockholm Guide” :D And then you and Elin could guide your readers through Stockholm haha (does Rumi have favorite places in Stockholm? Anna surely has but she has been NM blogger so little time I don’t concider her yet as a ‘nowmanifest blogger’)

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