Hugo Boss Stockholm

Written By bryanboy

After the super chic Bottega Veneta dinner at the Nobis Hotel last night, Elin and I popped by the Hugo Boss flagship store opening in Biblioteksgatan. I’ve been told Adrien Brody, Chloe Sevigny and Noomi Rapace were also there but you know me, I was busy swooning over hot Swedish guys (it’s that kid in the candy store feeling) over American celebs, just kidding. What fun!

Bryanboy and Elin Kling at Hugo Boss flagship store opening, Stockholm

Click click click!

Bryanboy and Elin Kling at Boss Hugo Boss Stockholm
Bryanboy and Elin at Hugo Boss Stockholm
The crowd at Hugo Boss store opening in Stockholm
Elin's photographer for Styleby Magazine
Brown shoes at Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Biblioteksgatan store opening


  1. Seems fun! I’ve been reading your blog from months … Respect dude, seriously … You, and among other bloggers, inspired me to create a blog … I’ve just started and I can say that theres a loooong way to go … But the start is done … So hopefully we can met one day … who knows hehe greetings from Mexico! Xoxo Kike (

  2. David Iannini

    Um dia eu te encontro em um desses eventos! Vontade de te te conhecer pessoalmente!

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