Boyfriends And Boy Friends

Written By bryanboy

Believe it or not, I had my first gay double date last night.

Bryanboy and Fabian wearing Prada
Oysters at Le Bar Rouge, Stockholm

Had a lovely dinner last night at Le Bar Rouge with my boyfriend and my friend Fabian plus his boyfriend. The other couple spontaneously flew in from Germany yesterday morning as a result of me whining via Skype on Wednesday how they should come visit me for the weekend. In spite of knowing each other for quite some time, we haven’t met each other’s partners. I love how everyone on the table (barring all our matching lurex Prada polos) were different from each other, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also personalities and such.

It’s not every day that we mix human relationships. Work is work. Business is business. Family is family. Friendships are friendships. Personal relationships are personal relationships. To some, lines are very blurred… or, there are no lines at all. How often do you mix the two? It doesn’t happen all the time but when you’re in it for the long haul (whether it’s work, business, family, friendships, etc), you have to make it work. There’s always something intimate and special about letting other people into our lives and intermixing meaningful relationships. When it works, the world suddenly becomes perfect.

I had fun last night. Double dinner date, pit stop at the bar, then a few minutes of dancing at the club.

Punctuated the night with a quick snack at McDonald’s before heading home.


  1. this is Fabian, his german friend….. IĀ“m myself living in Germany, such guys like he, not easy to see in here :-(

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