Boucheron Place Vendôme

Written By bryanboy

I have always been curious what it’s like to walk inside the haute joaillerie boutiques at Place Vendôme but I’ve never mustered up the confidence to do it. What comes to mind is that hysterical Rodeo Drive shopping scene of Julia Roberts at the movie Pretty Woman. When the kind folks of Boucheron invited me to visit the gorgeous Maison, I couldn’t say no. Why not punctuate a successful (and colorful) pret-a-porter season by playing with some precious bijoux — I simply had to go!

The very handsome and knowledgable Benjamin and the super lovely Menel gave me a tour of the House. They regaled me with tales and showed me many images — ad campaigns from decades past and sketches made for ultra special clients such as the Maharajas of India. I also tried timepieces and gorgeous animal rings from the Cabinet de Curiosités collection. You have to see them for yourself. The craftmanship and details are astonishing!

Inside the Boucheron boutique at Place Vendome, Paris
Bryanboy at Boucheron, Paris

I walked empty-handed, of course. However, that quick moment of fantasy and desire uplifted my dreary and drizzly Parisian afternoon. When the right time and moment comes along, set it in stone, I know where I’ll go to treat myself. I love Boucheron!

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Bryanboy looking at rings at Boucheron, Paris
Bryanboy looking at Boucheron watches
Boucheron Paname watch
Boucheron watches
Boucheron rings from Cabinet de Curiosités collection
Boucheron Bague Grenouille ring
Boucheron Bague Hathi ring
Boucheron Louise necklace
Boucheron Louise earrings
A sketch for the Maharaja by Boucheron
Frederic Boucheron
Frederic Boucheron at Place Vendome Paris
A vintage Boucheron ad campaign
La Belle Otero
La Maison Boucheron, Paris
Boucheron archives


  1. Loved this post. I am honing a recent interest in haute joaillerie (i.e. trying to grow up). What an extraordinary experience!

  2. Also that, that watch you tried on is delicious. Miss you and hope to see you soon..not that I think you should EVEr leave Paris. BISOUS

  3. Amazing photos…. You have officially inspired me to visit the Bocheron boutique! I live in Paris and I can’t believe I haven’t been inside before, only passed the store 100 times and looked into the windows… ;-)

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