Another Lost Cause

Written By bryanboy

While the rest of the fashion world have gone under the sea with their aquatic and sea-world inspired shows, well, I’ve had another incident with the underworld a few days ago.

To those of you who noticed that I’ve been tweeting (and emailing) less than usual, well, guess what — my iPhone was snatched from me at the Republique metro station.

This is the second time I was robbed in Paris. Remember how I got mugged in 2009?

I’ve lost many, many phones in the past and it’s frustrating because I only got my iPhone 4 earlier this year. In February to be exact.

I was going up on the escalator to switch trains and this huge tall man of African descent suddenly came up to me on my left side and grabbed my phone while texting a friend to tell her I’m on the metro and on my way to Miu Miu.

The encounter lasted about ten seconds. My phone had no casing and I had no choice but to let go when the man grabbed it. I didn’t want the sharp sides of my phone to cut my hand.

I’m sad because I have lots of memories in the phone — over 2,000 photos I took during my travels, dozens and dozens of videos and of course, my precious contacts and emails.

I spoke to Joe Zee at Miu Miu and he told me that the men are only after the phone itself. It’s more than likely for them to erase everything on the device and sell it on the black market.

I seriously hope that’s the case.

I have this feeling inside that maybe I should cry over it to get it out of my system but no matter how many times I’ve tried, I couldn’t shed a single tear.


  1. get a new iphone and plug it into your computer..every text, email, setting, photo etc you had on your old phone from the last time you plugged it in and backed it up will automatically be put back on it!

  2. That’s so sad. You will think you can be safe, but no. Black people always give themselves bad reputation with such acts.

  3. I am so sorry to read that. I am from France and very ashamed of these facts. The only advise is next time your are in the metro, do not do use your phone at all. You have probably remarked that people in Paris’s metro are very closed, face, coat and bag sealed against them. They do not want to attract thief. Again sorry and hope you’ll replace your phone soon and synchronize its content in the “cloud”. Keep going with the blog. Thanks.

  4. This is terrible! What a horrible way to end fashion week. I hope everything goes back to normal soon. Best of wishes!

  5. Of African descent? How do you know this? Are you being racial, or simply tasting facts? FYI: Dark/Brown people are not only of African descent. He could be Dominican for all you know.

  6. oh my dear! i hope that you installed “where is my iphone app” so, you can report it to police and track where your iphone is. It is helpful for me. I cannot imaged to lose 2,000 pictures! Did you synced your iphone’s photos?

  7. I also am wondering what you are trying to say by noting his racial background. I don’t understand how noting his race brings any more importance or detail to this story. You obviously have no idea who he is, can’t identify him by name, so why would you need to identify him by race? And FYI, we all are of African descent if you know anything about evolution.

  8. African descent?Moroccian? Algerian? Tunisian? Ivorian? Ghanian? Libyan? Egyptian? Ethiopinn?

    Funny how you didn’t point out the race of the people the first time you were mugged. Don’t forget Bryan, in the world, you are a person of colour, too. Not White.

  9. I live in Paris and I understand why BryanBoy mentioned the race, French men are usually quite lean and “small”, not intimidating looking at all!… I’ve been robbed twice in Paris; by a French young man with a knife, and by a black young man without a knife. When the skinny French man tried to rob me, I didn’t take him seriously and I refused to give him my suitcase, I wasn’t even afraid of his knife… When the black man (without a knife) robbed me I almost peed in my pants and I didn’t even try to run after him when he took my expensive camera out of my hands…
    I’ve hear too many horrible stories about violence and robbery in Paris from black men, even resulting in death… Bad people from all races exists, all races have equal value, but someone please tell me WHY it’s more dark-skinned than white robbers on the parisian metro?
    I’m glad you are safe, BryanBoy! I hope you will get a new phone soon and tweet like usual, I love you tweets. :-)

  10. that’s terrible that you were mugged but did you really have to write that a black man mugged you? what difference does it make? what value is added by including that comment? as for sandie and nina – we’re not all out to scare you and rob your iphones i promise you.

  11. Joel Luna

    I got mine snatched from the table, dinning outside on the East Village. After 3 glasses of Sangria I had no other choice but to let it go. Life is a cycle of giving even when it is involuntary. At least you were not violently attacked and you’re still alive to tell the story. Soon enough, you’ll have a new iphone in your hands and now you’ll know better not to flash it around in metro stations <3 <3

  12. And yet some Norweigan dude managed to kill more than 100 teenaged kids in one attack. WOne would think that there was no Charles Manson the way some of you guys are carrying on.

    And Nina, atleast know you’ve learned your lesson. Evil comes in all shapes and sizes. The next time a lean guy white with a knife threathens you, RUN!!!

  13. Please don’t take it so seriously and don’t give so much meaning to his commenting on racial background. If the guy was an asian, indian or white they wouldn’t take it so offensive. Again snatching is global and it happens all the time with any ethnic background. No biggie!!!

  14. I suggest you delete Sandie’s racist comment, how can they blame an entire race for the bad deeds of others?

  15. Every race steal! Also it was just a phone. As well as it’s called backing up your info if it was that precious. Not blaming you but choose your words wisely.

  16. Black, white, pink, purple…Doesn’t matter whom mugged you they could still potentially hurt you. I think the people whom sit here and say they would pee there pants when/if a black man (black people can be french men too duh!) have ever talked to anyone or been around people of color. How about sitting down with a different race and having a normal conversation. Just because your Caucasian, Asian etc doesn’t mean every other race is below you. Anyway I’m over it Bryan your the best. I’m sorry that you were robbed but that was kinda of F***ed up that you mention that the person was of African decent. That kind of gives people of African decent a bad name. Glad you weren’t hurt. Keep it Fierce and Fabulous!

  17. Guys, why be so sensitive? IT WAS A BLACK guy who robbed him, hence he said so. If it was asian, he would have said Asian guy, so on and so forth. Gee!

  18. I’m sorry that this has happened to you more than once. It’s really such a shame that someone had to do this to you and that so many memories were on that phone. I hope you’re feeling better now. Maybe you should go with a friend or carry around a taser?

  19. To all of you who are wondering why he noted racial background, it’s because it does actually help track down the thief. When a crime happens, one of the first things the police asks is what ethnicity you believe the criminal was. IT helps to track people down.

  20. that sucks but did you seriously not know that you could backup everything on your iphone by plugging it into your macbook? I do it every 2 weeks just incase i lose it.

  21. To: “”To all of you who are wondering why he noted racial background..”, quick question: What does of African descent mean? Black? Arabic? Brian should be more specific if he’s trying to get help identifying his attacker. Just saying Asian, for example doesn’t mean anything either.

    FYI, being African descent is not an ethnicity in and of itself, as you can be Egyptian, which implies that you could easily look like you’re from the Middle East. If the guy was black, one not state black? Stating “African descent” is very vague. And very racist too, if I might add. If the person was white, blond and blue eyey, he wouldn’t have stated “Scandininavian” or European. I think that is the point we’re all trying to make here.

  22. Me too. I’ve always just thought that saying “African” is a polite way of saying black. Cause when I describe people as black, people go, “that’s racist” to me when I’m just actually pertaining to the skin color. So yeah. It’s confusing to me as well. Dominicans are composed of Europeans and Africans too so can you imagine how hard it is to be politically correct (he doesn’t have to be). And come off the high horse with the “you shouldn’t be racist” shiz. Everyone and I say EVERYONE is racist. In their own ways. It’s just a matter of perspective.

  23. Question, what is the skin tone of someone African? Black? What skin tone is Zinedine Zidane? Black? He’s from Algeria. Algeria is in Africa, therefore Zinedine is of African descent.

    Bryan, did the mugger look like Zidane (in comlexion)?

  24. It is no surprise people ar running after your goods : you just show what you have. I saw you in real last week and you wear ine one outfit what a family earns in one month. You have to learn to balance in life and being natural in life, not just make a caricature of yourself like you do and not understnding the consequences of your act. Paris is not Disneyland, it is full of poor and starving people and you only attract them.

  25. You should have read this article, Bryanboy:

    “PARIS — Aggravated robberies are up more than 40 percent in the Paris public transport system, and the government places blame for the rise on the attractiveness of smartphones.

    The interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, calls it the “iPhone effect,” and the police talk of thieves’ “going to pick apples” on the Métro. While Métro thieves seem to find iPhones particularly attractive, usually fetching at least $200 and sometimes as much as $400 on the street for some upgraded versions, smartphones in general have become a favorite target, the police say.”

  26. Nina, your comment is as idiotic as your writing. Glad you weren’t hurt Bryan, the trauma of being mugged is horrible. Stay safe everyone

  27. I wholedheartedly agree with Memei! Funny how Bryan had to mention that the guy was of African descent. Wish Kanye would read that post…

  28. I think the bad guy is the one who stole the phone, not Bryan to say the descendent, He only was describing the situation.

    Anyway you know what Bryan? It happens to me the same in Madrid, a guy stole my cell phone (it was almost new only 3 months )and my wallet. I know what you felling, I hate the people who takes things don’t belong to them, I really can’t understand that.

    Anyway I hope you felling better, big kisses from Madrid.

  29. u r not the only one, Byran! i m been robbed 2!!! the thing is i didnt see the thief, its soo soo cruel world!!! but lessons learned, keep ur belongings close and seen

  30. Brian Tran

    LMAO, I love the writing fallacy you’ve used. “the sharp sides to cut your hand,” creating a Red Herring.

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