Welcome (Back) To The Jungle

Written By bryanboy

I’m finally back in New York! “Welcome Home” is what my friends tell me every time I set foot in JFK.

Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Show Invitations

After spending 21 hours traveling from Cape Town, South Africa to Manila, Philippines, I had 7 hours to go home from the airport, pack for Fashion Month, go back to the airport to catch a flight (a 19-hour journey) to NYC. Four continents in four days if you count the stopover in Doha, Qatar. This, my friends, is my life at the moment. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the verge of a meltdown because of the sheer insanity of it all but I love it. I really do.

It’s Fashion Week once again. Are you excited? I’m gonna step up my coverage this season. Gonna use the new camera to my advantage. Can’t wait!


  1. i love your fly-the-world life. im friggin jealous ‘cos all i want for a career is jetsetting all over the world and write about fashion. anyway, enjoy fashion week, and do updates all the latest trends u saw on the runway. coolness!

  2. Maybe a stupid quation but how does your body handle it? My longest flight was only 7hours and a half and went through just two time-zones. It cost my body almost 3 days to recuperate…XD (Yeah. That bad. I was bed-bound during most of it, even though I was perfectly fine at the time of boarding the flight… :-/)

  3. Body clock is non-existent to Bryan boy. Such a talent!!! :) Looking forward to your fashion month posts more than ever because of your camera upgrades. Kill them Bryan!!!

  4. But sounds like a lot of fun as well – remembered me to my trip from Germany via Bangkok to Sydney -> back to Singapur, Frankfurt, Miami all in 5 days – but I really enjoy it – ENJOY FW in NYC!

  5. doha, quatar is located in the middle east which is situated inside the continent of ASIA so that makes it 3 continents, not four.

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