Thirty Minutes Ago

Written By bryanboy

I can’t remember the last time I went to a gay club. It must have been weeks, perhaps months ago. I usually can’t stand them because I feel out of place and it’s a whole new sleazy world altogether. However, from time to time, they’re fun to go as long as a) you’re with friends (friends ok, not friends with benefits) and b) when they play cheesy pop/dance music to shake those pesky calories off. Sweat and shake that booty gurl! The six-foot-two Marco aka Marker, was my hostess slash caretaker slash driver for the night slash dance buddy slash protector slash bodyguard. It’s amusing how he protected me from certain people at the club who kinda creeped me out. This is why I love having tall guy friends with stubble. Swoon. They make me feel like a fragile, precious little thing.


Or the only girl in the world.

Crew gay club South Africa

I had fun. I really did. So happy I had a good dance session/exercise and burned some calories.

Time to get some shuteye. Tomorrow we’re going to the Biscuit Mill!


  1. Janine SheerDressing

    Some serious bodyguard-total-package-deal for you! Gaybars/Lesbian bars? Too stereotype: I’m just into ipods for dance-> technosexual is the new sexuality

  2. Gay Clubs, straight clubs, any clubs…its true what you say. Approaching a “certain age” (that certain age for me came at the ripe old age of 24) there is a moment when you stand in the middle of the pounding music and sleezy safari of horny creatures and think “daamn..I’m too old for this sh**”. But once in a while its a great workout!

  3. Ahh I’m so glad you are having fun in Cape Town!!!! It’s my home town and I just love it and miss it so much – good food, fun clubs, very chilled out and just generally good vibes :) The biscuit mill is great, cute shops, loads of food stalls – you’ll pick all those calories straight up again :)

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