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Before the Marc Jacobs show last night, I went to Francisco Costa’s collection at the Calvin Klein show in the afternoon. I thought I’d go for simplicity so I wore this pistachio-coloured cashmere sweater from Uniqlo and a pair of shorts with a Prince of Wales check pattern. My silver half-moon bag and shoes are from Martin Margiela fall/winter 2011. American Elle’s Joe Zee (who, btw, had his show, ‘All on the Line’, renewed for a second season) took delight with my bag. It matched his outfit, too.

Bryanboy wearing a Uniqlo sweater at Calvin Klein spring summer 2012
Joe Zee carrying a Margiela clutch bag


  1. it was amusing seeing you stand quietly next to Lara Stone (on Calvin Klein’s live feed) when she was having her picture taken, then uttering ” . . . so pretty . . ” at her. haha! She did look amay though.

  2. Love your Look for the CK & MJ Shows. I saw you on E! w/ G and you did very well! but about the constant sunnies, I love them of course and I am sure you have quite the collection… but I have a thing for that Asian Squint and you look even more fabulous with out them! >)

    p.s. what does “Baboosh” represent?

  3. Norma Bernales

    Oh my fudgie! I love your shoes…I saw it at the bag hags post of your fabulous billboard at NY!!! Initially, I thought its a Docs Martins…..its Martin Maghiela pla! I’m totally salivating! shoots! i wonder if it will look good on a 5ft tall semi-chubby hag moi!

    Cheers to ya! Mwah!

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