Scruffy And Shiny

Written By bryanboy

I’m trying to decide whether or not I should shave my stubble. I haven’t shaved my face in a little over a week. Both DSquared2 and Giorgio Armani are dressing me up for their shows tomorrow and both my outfits are on the far extremes of the menswear spectrum. Do I need stubble to complete my looks tomorrow? Maybe. But then again I’m having dinner later tonight with major fashion superheroes and I want to look at my best… and my best requires me to shave my face.

Bryanboy wearing a Prada lurex turtleneck and Dolce & Gabbana Mini Miss Sicily Sequined Bag

I can’t decide ugh! Dolce & Gabbana show coming up in a little under two hours.

Brought to you by Range Rover.


  1. Tin Kimaya Neon

    Dont shave it! Do a Marc Jacobs and let it grow, LOL! I love the sunnies, where are they from?

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