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Behold my new crocodile belt. This gorgeous emerald baby is one of my favorite purchases in South Africa. I bought it for a little under $100 from an African crafts shop. I love how it’s all raw and rough… gives the belt an authentic finish. It’s the perfect accessory to wear with a classic navy suit.

Crocodile belt from South Africa
Crocodile leather belt from South Africa


  1. great writing and i get the picture! but i have been walking around my hometown lately and i think because everyone can read blogs, the streetstyle looks much more fashionable. more people can get in contact with style and fashion and bloggers have more access to their readers, then a anna wintour can ever have! but i agree., not every little outfit poster should give critics about what cool or not. xx theresa

  2. Seriously? A baby crocodile killed for its skin and everyone is: “Ah – beautiful! Love it!” – Fucking retards. That animal was a baby and it was killed for a fucking belt. A belt! Idiots.

  3. It’s AMAZING how you people lost your moral sense and critical thinking, it’s an animal killed for no other reason than to be used as a fashion object by someone. You are using something that has been in the story of mother nature for million of years as a fast consumption fashion piece. It’s sad that many of you don’t care to think further than what is written in a blog.

    Jennifer Larsson

  4. i wonder if these comments are moderated? plus i agree with the people not so happy with the purchase. I wonder how you would feel if someone decided NY hipster pelts made a good belt and decided to skin you so it would look good with their navy suit.

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