Hold My Hand

Written By bryanboy

Being separated from family, friends and loved ones isn’t easy. Especially when you and the other people involved have similar insane, hectic and continent-hopping lifestyles. No amount of emails, phone calls or skype/webcam conversations can ever replace face-to-face time or physical contact. It’s interesting how I’ve only been here in New York a few days and I’m starting to miss my family; haven’t spoken to my parents in a week. A phone call is definitely overdue.

Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in New York
Bryanboy and Rumi Neely in New York City
Rumi Neely and Bryanboy holding hands.


  1. Your relationship with Rumi is really endearing and seems so genuine. It really humanizes both of you. You two come off sincere and not so contrived unlike a lot of the other fashion bloggers out there. I like that.

  2. I totally understand you… My brother is living in London, he is doing really great so off course he is got to stay there! But I have not seen him in 4 years, and I really miss him… But he is coming to visit in january of next year and I am super excited! The best…

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