Frat Party

Written By bryanboy

I had lots of fun at Alexander Wang’s frat-themed after party last night. It was all about glowsticks, astroturf, oversized beer bottles and cans. I even tried jello shots for the first time. They were so good I had three!

Frat Party - Bryanboy at Alexander Wang Spring Summer 2012 afterparty
Jane Keltner de Valle, Alexander Wang, Bryanboy at Alexander Wang's Frat-themed after party


  1. OMG, I just love how you’re dressed. Is it even possible to be addicted to go everyday on your blog or read every of your tweets. I guess I sound pretty lame, but I am a total Fan of yours! And Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designer this year. XX

  2. I had a big bug with my computer so I don’t know if I’m going to repeat myself with another comment. I was telling I love your look/outfit. And is it possible to be going everyday on your blog and follow all your tweet. I guess I sound pretty lame, but I’m a big Fan of yours. Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designer for this year. So this is like a amazing combo your picture. Anyways, I hope I will ‘bump into you’ one day and have a conversation with you. XX

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