Divine Donatella

Written By bryanboy

I rushed straight to Via Gesu after the stunning Prada show earlier this evening. Donatella invited me for a casual meet. I thought it was very sweet and kind of her to invite me to their rehearsal, a full twenty four hours before the show. Models Siri Tollerod and Lindsey Wixson were also there, walking the long, lighted runway in these amazing, skyscraper platform shoes. Versace shows are usually high-energy, with gorgeous girls sashaying to pumping music. Donatella told me there are going to be forty-plus looks tomorrow and she liked the idea of bringing big hair back after several seasons of sleek, straight hair.

In other news, my bf arrived in Milan this afternoon. He, too, met the iconic Donatella. I don’t usually tag him along to my business affairs but I needed someone to capture a photo of me and Ms. Versace.

Bryanboy and Donatella Versace

Are you excited for the Versace show tomorrow night? I am.


  1. Me, me, me. Pick me. I am super excited, too. However, I’ll be seeing it online! Oh well, Enjoy a happy fashiontastical Versace show! Wish you the best!

  2. Shalom Hayyim

    I love you Donatella. I miss you. I really mean it. Good luck and wishing you the best of best in your show. Divine Donatella is the only one. ! UNIQUE !

  3. Shalom Hayyim

    I miss you Donatella. I really mean this. Wishing you the best of best in your show & activities. Divine Donatella: The only ONE…..! UNIQUE !

  4. You have come a long way! I recall reading your blog only 5 years ago and look at you now, crazy Filipino boy has made his dreams come true, so magical, much love and congrats!!!!!

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