Casa Nelson Mandela

Written By bryanboy

A trip to Johannesburg isn’t complete without visiting the historic home of former South African President Nelson Mandela in Soweto. Dubbed the ‘Mandela House’, Nelson and his family lived here between 1946 until the 1990s before donating the house to the Soweto Heritage Trust in 1997. I am impressed how Mr. Mandela lived modestly back in the day.

Bryanboy at Nelson Mandela's House in Soweto, South Africa
Nelson Mandela's House in Soweto

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Nelson Mandela's House in 8115 Villakazi Street, Soweto
The back of Nelson Mandela's House
A peek inside Nelson Mandela's House in Soweto
8115 Villakazi Street, Orlando West, Soweto
Entrance to Nelson Mandela's house
Mandela's Family Restaurant Soweto
Bryanboy taking photos outside Mandela House
Street signage in Soweto
Bryanboy's brown Church's shoes
Spring Sunshine in Soweto


  1. Wonderful pictures of a real special location – I will always remember my visit… Thank you for bringing memories back to me…

  2. It’s seriously great that you visited,probably one of the most important sites in Johannesburg, South Africa,BUT JERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joburg and Cape Town is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful there are soooooo many amazing sites and shopping and culture and fashion to see and this is what you choose to put on your site? Seriously? Your India photos were much more appealing and showed a lot more ‘color’. I think your guide Marko should be SHOT!

  3. It’s a bit misleading to write, “Nelson and his family lived here between 1946 until the 1990s.” A note to Bryan Boy’s younger readers: Nelson Mandela went underground in ’61 and then of course into prison in ’62. He was released in ’90. Mandela’s only “home” for 18 of those 27 years was the infamous Robben Island prison.

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