Bryan Becomes A Boy

Written By bryanboy

What I love about fashion is that it enables anyone and everyone to play with their looks. For the Dsquared2 show this morning, I went all sporty in head-to-toe Dsquared2.

Bryanboy in head-to-toe Dsquared2 spring summer 2012 exiting his Range Rover.
Bryanboy in head-to-toe Dsquared2 spring summer 2012


  1. Tin Kimaya Neon

    Wow, the color blocking was very good, and the glasses makes it PERFECT!

  2. Love this look!
    But when you wrote “becomes A Boy”, I was thinking: “What were you before? :O”

  3. Yes Mr. You look great in Dsquared fashions. Which queen doesn’t ?

    Just a thought.
    This look would not be very sensible in Manilla lol :-)))…Your home country is flooded handsome. Why don’t you draw attention to your home country just for one day ?

    Laurent xxx

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