Backstage Rituals

Written By bryanboy

I rushed backstage to greet Marc Jacobs after his spectacular spring/summer 2012 show. Like clockwork, it’s been a personal ritual of mine to greet and congratulate the designer after his show. What happens next after the photo ops? Well, I like to listen to him give quick interviews and sound bytes, feel the fabrics of the clothes on the racks and then take as many photos of the collection as possible before his busy bees wrap everything up in garment bags.

I felt Marc’s hard muscles when I hugged him that I slipped “oh you got bigger!” then he cheekily replied “oh no, my clothes got tighter!” I thought that was funny.

Bryanboy hugging Marc Jacobs at the spring summer 2012 Marc Jacobs fashion show.
Marc Jacobs giving interviews at the spring/summer 2012 Marc Jacobs fashion show.


I’ll share my backstage shots in a separate post.


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