All Over Times Square

Written By bryanboy

Many years back, a publication back home asked me in an interview what I wanted for Christmas. I remember saying it in jest that I wanted a billboard along EDSA, a main transport thoroughfare in Manila. That didn’t happen of course. And why should it happen? I’m not a local starlet peddling skin whitening products. Haha! I kid, I kid you. Anyway, fast forward a few years later, I have my jolly self plastered all over Times Square on a billboard. Right in the middle of Manhattan. Pure insanity, no? Yay Diet Coke!

Bryanboy's Diet Coke billboard in Times Square

It made me think — I wonder how fashion models feel whenever they see images of themselves on ad campaigns plastered in huge billboards around the world…


  1. That is pretty awesome BB! Long time follower (as in from the old blog) but first time commenting. More power to you Bryan!

  2. Hey I know this is like two weeks late but did you manage to catch Christian Siriano’s spring summer collection? If yes, what were your opinions on them?

  3. ansaveh ng mga BB sa edsa?! haha! gosh! this is really great! i wish i could have BB in Times Square din! kahit yung dito lang sa HK, keri na. lol. Congrats, bryanboy. you really deserve it! :)


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