Yes, We Match!

Written By bryanboy

I paid tribute to the Hector Peterson memorial before visiting Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto yesterday afternoon. After taking the obligatory tourist shots, I met this very young boy who seemed to be fascinated with my Jason Wu python bag. The color matched his outfit. He wanted to touch my bag so I let him. It kinda reminded me of my encounter with that kid in India a few weeks ago. Between you and me, I find it amusing how this young boy  beelined for my bag when I met him. It’s amazing what a single item of fashion accessory can do to elicit emotions (or perhaps desire?) from a child.

South African school boy

Sunglasses from Prada, shirt from Ralph Lauren, belt from Hermes, bag from Jason Wu, trousers are custom-made.

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Young South African boy
South African school children
South African school boy in Soweto
Bryanboy with South African school boy
South African school boy


  1. Interesting how fascinated he is with that bag! I guess coz he’s wearing exactly the same shade! Hahaha!

  2. Wahahaha I find it amazing he did not run away with your bag, you’re in south africa afterall….

  3. Aw!! It’s so cute how the boy is fascinated by the bag! He’ll probably become a major fashion player (?) in the future :D

  4. Maybe he was so interested in that bag because that small little peace of fashion (2,350.00 dollars) is enough money to give him an education, and give his family food, water and clothes for at least one or two years.

  5. That is really lovely… I love that kid. The future André Leon Talley perhaps? Love him! SUper FAB!

  6. The Hector Pieterson is a really amazing museum, my granddad has some photographs that he took displayed there so I’m a little biased, but that has to be at least in the top three for the best historical exhibits we have in this country =) I’m glad you’re making an effort to glean as much as possible from your experience here!

  7. awww. very cute! i was hoping that you would give him the bag! I wish you gave him something! pretty sure youu did

  8. “It’s amazing what a single item of fashion accessory can do to elicit emotions (or perhaps desire?) from a child.”
    you’ve got to be kidding me. i would be ashamed to pose for a picture in a thousands-of-$ outfit with a poor kid like that standing next to me. descend from you ivory tower and face reality, bryan…

  9. It’s amazing how ignorant Anna is. Johannesburg is a developed city you dumb trick. Idk what makes you think that kid is poor.

  10. @Rory Developed cities don’t have underprivileged people? Soweto is a township.. a township with some wealthier people certainly but the overwhelming majority are extremely poor.

  11. You people are ridiculous, judging my country when you have probably never even been here, and just assuming that every one is a thief.

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