What Are Your Favourite iPhone Apps?

Written By bryanboy

I think I’m the only iPhone user in the world with the least number of Apps on my phone. I bought my iPhone 4 in February and to date, the only apps I have are: Monopoly, Twitter, Fatbooth, Skype, Google+ and WhatsApp. Andy introduced me to the wonders of Incredibooth and Instagram over the weekend.

Andy Torres Stylescrapbook

What are your favourite iPhone Apps?


  1. echofon is much better than twitter ;)
    But “Dictation” is the best app ever !
    i also have games: angry birds, labyrinth 3d, mega jump, snake 97, fruit ninja, nuts.

    “Scan” and also “Barcoo” are really cool apps.

  2. I prefer Twitterific when it comes to twitter.
    what’s your username on instagram? I’d love to follow you.

  3. Janine SheerDressing

    Book of Answers, Instagram (duh), IDarkroom & Earworms in Portuguese

  4. I like Hipstamatic over Instagram. I just love to mess around with virtual film, lenses and flashes. Other than that, the usual social networking malarkey and a shitload of games.

  5. Plants vs Zombies is the best app in the iPhone game . The graphics are lush and vibrant and bright. The game is fun, addicting and has many levels with great sound effects. It’s well worth the price. I’ve been playing for over a year and haven’t grown tired of it yet.

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