Velkommen til København

Written By bryanboy

KLM should consider renaming the long-haul flight 804 after me because it’s starting to feel like a commuter plane. Lord knows how many times I’ve taken that flight. After (the usual) twenty-hour traveling ordeal, I’m now in Copenhagen. It’s nice to be back. The last time I was here was during the winter of 2005. The weather today is fantastic and the sun is shining, too. I love Scandinavian summers!

Velkommen til Copenhagen
Velkommen til København
Copenhagen Museum
Med lov skal man land bygge.

It’s gonna be a very busy week for me. I’m here for Copenhagen Fashion Fairs and a few shows for Copenhagen Fashion Week. I’m also shooting a little project for Lancome in a few hours. I’m very excited!

Oh and I finally got my new camera, Canon’s 5D Mark II. Can’t wait to play with it!


  1. I live in Denmark! Not in Copenhagen though, but I’m moving there in a year or so. It’s such a lovely city!

  2. Hey Bryan – Welcome to Copenhagen! Hope to see you during Fashion Week – we’ll probably attend some of the same shows and parties since it’s such a small event ;) Enjoy the LOVELY weather! Ciao! Or as we say it; Farvel ;)

  3. Hi Brianboy!
    Welcome to Copenhagen – hope to see you at the Event at TASCHEN Store Copenhagen on Wednesday!

  4. Copenhagen looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see some shots from your new camera.

  5. YOU’re in Copenhagen?!!!! OO OMG! I swear my heart just skipped a beat when I red a danish title on your blog!
    For how long will you be here? I’m coming tomorrow (saturday) I live about 30 minutes away from Copenhagen (in car. 60 minutes by train).
    Are you going to see Stine Goya? baum and Pfdergarten? veronica B vallenes? Oh they’re all so great! I just can’t believe that YOU are in Denmark.
    Well I hope to meet you tomorrow<3
    ps. og jaerh, nad I'm 1005 dane ;D


  6. I hope to see you in Stockholm Fahsion Week! :D
    maybe I can take a photo with you or take a streetstylephoto of you :)


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