Stars at Sabyasachi

Written By bryanboy

They have celebrities attending the shows here in Mumbai, too. Took this video a few minutes before the star-studded, highly-anticipated Sabyasachi show.


  1. Those photographers were really button-happy ahah. Keep showing us these things! We appreciate :p

  2. oh my…Vidya Balan looks so elegant…even at this random photoshoot session on the ramp…oooh and the organiser at the end was bloody cute too…lol

  3. Ha ha. It’s Vidya Balan again! She came to Sabyasachi’s show last season in Delhi, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. And.. I hope you get to see lots of different surface ornamentation in fabrics in Indian fashion shows.

    We don’t have much variations in silhouettes in India, but we probably have best of textiles :)

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