Solemates For Life

Written By bryanboy

I cannot get enough of these mismatched socks. I love wearing them with leather sandals (yes, haters to the left) for some serious tribal/traveler effect.

mismatched socks from solmates socks


  1. I love the idea of having mismatched socks! then again, knowing my sock drawer i’d probably misplace the other five….

  2. when i see your blog, what i have in mind is What a Brave Blog, its something i looking for, and this one is the most catchy page. I love color socks. For me its like something we can use instead of sparkle and color heels for men. Women have Heels, men have socks. i saw one place only sale this kind of stuff in San Frans, one i move to asia, i don’t really saw any hand made socks. So I’m thirsty so get any recommended in Asia. xo.

  3. Loving all the colors here. I have worn mismatched socks from the time people thought it was just a mistake. Loved breaking rules, and now, I guess, the world just has to live with the fact that I am a sore thumb, and intend to remain that way.

    Have been here several times, but my first comment here. Love your blog, like the millions of other followers across the world. You rock!

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