Shiny, Shimmery, Splendid! The Trouser Of The Season

Written By bryanboy

Summer is almost over. Are you ready for the new season? Behold the Alexander Wang glitter trousers from his fall/winter 2011 show.

Alexander Wang metallic pants from fall/winter 2011 fashion show

Click HERE for the metallic blue trouser.
Click HERE for the metallic pink trouser.

Fall in line ladies, fall in line.
Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go get my hip and butt liposuction now…



  1. Indeed, shimmer, shiny and splendid. The three S-sential words of the season. I must say I quickly fell head over heels with the metallic blue and pick trousers. I wish guys can wear something like this.

  2. Mark Daniel Snyder

    You can buy a pair of sparkly leggings at a costume store for $5 that look just the same. Just sayin.

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