Saint Wintour

Written By bryanboy

Have you seen this video interview of Forbes Magazine featuring Anna Wintour? Watch it.

I’m extremely fascinated by her. I really am. I find her truly inspirational. What I like the most is her clear point of view. She knows what she wants, she’s decisive and she always strives for the best. If anything, she’s gracious and very professional.

I thought the advice she gave about remaining true to yourself was spot-on. Simple but powerful words.


  1. Isabel Mondorf

    Anna is an inspiration, she is extremely put together, comes across as clear and humble and her vision has been crucial to the success of the global fashion industry. What an ultra lovely lady and there’s some great advice in what she said.

  2. Y'uan Alamar

    Thanks for the video Bryan. I started to be fascinated by her when i saw the movie trailer of The September Issue recently. I just wish the video is still available somewhere. I admire her visionary perspective which makes her influential in the industry. =)

  3. Honestly in my opinion, I find more inspiration by watching Grace Coddington work than listening to this woman…. But hey it’s my opinion ;)

    Great blog Bryanboy ;)

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