Peter Jensen at DesignMuseum Danmark

Written By bryanboy

I recently went to the opening of “Muses”, Peter Jensen’s new exhibit at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen. Consider me a fan; I love his sense of quirkiness and cheekiness. His whimsical pieces always reflect an element of fun. Some of the highlights from his ten-year retrospective include a black cardigan with hologram badges (my favourite), a printed jacket depicting an image of racial diversity, dresses from his spring/summer 2005 collection inspired by ice-skater Tonya Harding and more.

Peter Jensen and Bryanboy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Peter Jensen Muses Exhibit, Sissy

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Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - Nutcracker print
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - yellow cardigan
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - beaded sweater from his Jytte collection
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - beads
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - sequined eyebrows
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - crochet jacket
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - cat print
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - cat print jacket
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - black cardigan with hologram badges
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - hologram badges
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - tonya harding dress
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - ruffled dress
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - vegetable print dress
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - beaded jacket
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - wooden beads
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - red turban
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - cat hood
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - cat hood sweater
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - buckle embellishments
Peter Jensen 'Muses' Exhibition - racial diversity

Peter Jensen’s Muses Exhibition runs until October 30, 2011. If you’re visiting Copenhagen soon, be sure to drop by at the Designmuseum Danmark. The address is Bredgade 68, 1260 Copenhagen.


  1. I’ll disagree w/you on racial diversity. Showing “diversity” in fabrics-be it images, print or fabric itself is in this case-and in most others involving the fashion industry-a matter of “cultural borrowing” or “PR mirage” diversity. Look at his mannequins-all blue eyed and “non white features” such as a the afro is clearly presented as an artificial accessory, not a trait. Same goes for models on the runway. This whole strategy is nothing but sartorial blackface.

    The overwhelming majority of designers-including those of “minority” background- continue to perpetuate racial hierarchies. It would bother me less if at least someone publicly, overtly admitted verbally “yes, I think blonde and blue eyed is prettier and superior.” I might not like it, but I prefer the hard truth to the farce of fashion being an open, liberal enterprise.

    Thanks for giving the space to rant, BB. Love your blog.

  2. Nice pictures.Would have loved to visit a exhibit like this where designing seems to be so much fun. Am at least happy to get a glimpse through these pictures.

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