Oh Hello Doctor

Written By bryanboy

Dr. Manu wanted to try my Mykita x Rad Hourani sunglasses so I was like sure, but only if I can take your photo. LOL. Don’t we all love 6-foot something doctors? In addition to being an orthopedic surgeon, he’s also Wallpaper* Magazine’s June 2011 “Reborn in India” issue cover boy.

Dr Manu Bora at Lakme Fashion Week 2011 Mumbai
Dr Manu Bora in Mumbai


  1. Janine SheerDressing

    eyecandy! I like his shirt and the eyeglasses enhances his masculine frame

  2. May I just say Mamma mia!!!! I’m sick, Doc.. cud you check all over me???? LOL!! Greets from Brazil, Bry, we love ya!!!!

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