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Dance like the rent is due tomorrow ladies! How spectacular is the fall/winter 2011 Lanvin ad campaign video? Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson looks soo chic and badass! I also love Alber’s cameo towards the end. A number of fall ad campaign videos are being released lately but the Lanvin one is the best. I love the element of dance, fun and goofiness and cheekiness while the girls (and guys) look incredibly flawless.


The first thing that came to mind when I saw that video was the word ‘parody’. Look at what I found on YouTube.


The campaign is desperately begging to be parodied. Go on… go grab your best friend, put your best Lanvin on and dance away. I’m gonna try to do this soon. Mark my words.


  1. it seems that i dont have a bestfriend to grab and wear Lanvin together. Anyways. I love the ad campaign, totally badass and ultra chic in the name of fashion. Thnx Bryan Boy for the update. thumbs up, girl!

  2. Jelizaveta Zatkina

    Waiting for your dancing video! I absolutely love your blog!


  3. Janine SheerDressing

    I was already surprised Lanvin chose for such dodginess with the video and the song, but considered it slightly antifashion to make it, guess what, fashion. The parodies? Seems like parody of a parody…

  4. Isabel Mondorf

    I LOVE! Hopefully this will get the next Rebeca Black type of parody status on Youtube. Fashion lovers go ahead, show us your skills! Bryanboy you should do one…I’m patiently waiting! :)

  5. Lanvin is amazing as usual. I love models on videos they are so chic: Love, love love…

  6. after the prada ss11 video this is the best shit ever! i so can imagine the richest ladies of the world dancing to this while drinking and snorting through the night.

  7. Oh bless! It’s obvious that they’re trying not to make it look too much like they’re playing the demo of Dance Central on Xbox Kinect, too… which is kind of sad that I’m recognising where they’re doing the moves wrong – I mean, differently.

  8. Nice clothes – check, hair did – check, great idea – check…… rhythm… no-where to be seen

  9. Absolutely Fabulous.

    It is great because the clothes,styling, set and music completely clash ha ha… Just a thought Albert Elbaz reminds me of Batman’s Penguin.

    Just a thought I am addicted to this blog.

    Thanks Bryan.

    Laurent xxx

  10. Hahaha I wasn’t expecting it but Alber outdanced them all!! How cute is Karen Elson’s white girl dancing =’) ahaha

  11. Darius Choy

    i think the ladies looked like they were having fun but the boys are like helplessly awkward sometimes. haha, but it is fun.

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