Written By bryanboy

What a delightful surprise to see Hamish Bowles at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It’s not every day you get to see familiar faces… and American Vogue lieutenants in this part of the world. Bravo!

Hamish Bowles at Soulland Spring Summer 2012
Hamish Bowles at Soulland Copenhagen
Hamish Bowles at Copenhagen Fashion Week
Hamish Bowles' Seat Assignment at Copenhagen Fashion Week


  1. Me, too. The front rowers are so synchronized with their cross legs position. It’s very uncommon yet fashionably impressive and fun. Yay Hamish Bowles. You rock! xoxo

  2. Hamish Bowles, to me, is like the coolest guy on the planet. The way he dresses (the socks), his hair, his glasses. He’s just brilliant.

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