I answered a bunch of long overdue interviews yesterday (yay for finding four straight hours of computer time) and one of the questions a magazine asked me was, “what’s the alternative to fashion?” I thought I’d share this to you while I’m cocooned in my swimming pool cabana here in New Delhi. My boyfriend’s working on his tan and I’m wrapped like a mummy. I already got too dark for my own good. This is why I hate being with white people sometimes whenever I go on holiday. While they compete against nature to have the same colour as a flamingo or a lobster, I can’t last under the sun for long without being roasted to imperfection. Boo skin cancer, boo!

Swimming pool tiles in Agra, India


Anyway, without hesitation or thinking about it, I answered “LOVE”.

Love is similar to fashion. We can’t survive without it. The love of family is similar to the fashion version of the classics. A classic trench coat can withstand weather, rain, wear or tear, like one’s father. The softness and comfort of a cashmere sweater is akin to a mother’s love. A great pair of jeans that you can bring to places is very brotherly or sisterly. Friends come and go over time so the love of friends are similar to accessories — the timeless classic bag, willing to be there while you carry your baggage, is your best friend. The must-have shoe is your other BFF. Acquaintances and all the people that go through the revolving door called life are trend pieces — they make you happy temporarily but after a few short moments, they’re disposable. Shoulder pads? Check. Sequined jackets? Check. Colour blocking? Check check check!

And when it comes to real, unconditional, special love from THE one and only? We’re all gonna have to go through many, many dresses, some tight, some loose, some probably ill-fitting, but there’s only only one, clean and pristine, dress that will march with us to the altar. It takes time to find that one.

Love is all we need.

My answer was so beauty pageanty innit? High fives all around!