Very Pretty. ‘Nuff Said.

Written By bryanboy

This, my friends, is an example of a perfect Vogue cover.

Katie Fogarty for Vogue Australia September 2011 cover

Katie Fogarty, in Louis Vuitton, is on the cover of Vogue Australia’s September 2011 issue.

I also think it’s Vogue Australia’s best cover in the history of their existence.

Well done, Vogue Australia, well done.


  1. Hmm it´s nice but actually louis vuitton was already on Germany´s vogue July i mean and however i still prefer July Vogue´s Italia Julianne Gruner in Gucci oder Daphne Groenenveld in MIU MIU for Vogue Nippon

  2. I agree with you that it’s Aussie Vogue’s best cover, having said that, it is really boring. I love the LV A/W 11 collection, and Kate looks great, but I also think a cover should be used primarily to inspire, and introduce the issue. Assuming that the September issue of Vogue Aust. is reporting on the new Spring fashion for the Aussie market, I don’t believe that this cover fits with the issue.

    Maybe I’m too fussy :)

  3. i just hate the pony! if the hair wasn’t there it would be perfect – the rest of the mag was pretty dull. A lot of stuff just reprinted from other vogues. They didn’t put any of the trends in a new light as the cover would suggest.

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