The Woman Who Never Left Me Alone

Written By bryanboy

I’m going through some of my India photos and this photo set is too strange NOT to be shared. My partner and I went to the India Gate in New Delhi one hazy afternoon and this woman followed me for quite some time. All I wanted was one shot with the glorious arch as the backdrop but no, she kept interrupting my frame. Dozens of people passed over time and she refused to leave me alone unless we give her more money. We finally gave up after ten or so minutes and left with my bf quipping, “can’t you just have someone photoshop her out?”

Fashion blogger Bryanboy in front of India Gate in New Delhi, India

Here we are a week later. Upon further thought, I realized that in spite of our numerous efforts brushing her off, she really was meant to be in all of the photographs. Take our her out of the images and these shots are just gonna be me with another arch; nothing remarkable there. On the other hand, her ubiquitous presence solidified that I am indeed at India Gate. Her existence, and constant heckling, made this memory unforgettable for life.

Click click click!

India Gate in New Delhi, India
India Gate in New Delhi
People and Indian tourists walking around India Gate
Woman harassing Bryanboy at India Gate, New Delhi
Filipino fashion blogger Bryanboy in front of India Gate
Bryanboy and woman heckler at India Gate New Delhi, India
Woman selling bracelets to Bryanboy at India Gate, New Delhi
Woman refusing to leave Bryanboy alone


  1. she wants you to buy the pieces… you should buy the least you have something that you can show to the world that Bryan Boy JUST not buy expensive things but he also has the heart to help the poor by bought such CHEAP but memorable pieces from the lady…isn’t good?

  2. Hahaha those are Indian beggars for you, who prey on the foreigners, and sometimes even speak in broken English to earn some!
    But I must say she adds some nice color to your pictures!
    And don’t miss the woman in the fuchsia/florescent pink saree with the child, thats how women dress up on regular basis here!

  3. lmao! maybe she could tell you were in great clothes,and wanted to be a fashion qroupie.

  4. hahahaa i hate it when stuff like that happens! Although it does add to the picture as it gives it quite a comical feel and its nice when pictures have a story!
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  5. IamAvant Chic

    I think the woman’s a genious.. Think about it, she got her picture in a very well-known blog= MARKETING! Just think, if any of your readers make it to India, they might buy from her.. I KNOW I WOULD! LOL!

  6. This is quite possibly the funniest fashion blog photos to be ever taken. I want this to happen to one of the popular female fashion bloggers. It looks like you’ve handled the situation rather well by not giving a fuck.

  7. its funny but i think the but the too colours that she is wearing look great togetther. :) but you still came out looking super cute in the photo.

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