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Written By bryanboy

I love complicated footwear. I really do. Over the years you’ve seen me wear some of the craziest shoes around. After my skyscraper Elliott Ward-Fear platforms, there’s nowhere else to go… and we all know what goes up must come down to lower ground, which is why I’ve worn nothing but flats this year. Going from one extreme to another. That’s what it’s all about.

Bernard Willhelm x Camper hiking sneakers

I know I’m treading dangerous waters here because I’m officially approaching sneaker territory but I love Bernard Willhelm’s collaboration with Camper. Check out his latest take on the popular To&ether sneaker. I love that winter camouflage action going on. I can see me wear this with a classic gray or navy suit with crop trousers with turn ups. Totally amaze.

Hang on a sec — me in a navy suit? Hold that thought.

Click HERE to purchase the sneaker.


  1. camper has had some really awesome collaborations recently. I still think about those mens sandals with opening ceremony that looked like a cross between camper and those Proenza Schouler rope bracelets.

  2. I love hearing about people making total turnarounds in their style. It can be super fun to turn things upside down and wear something that say, a year ago, you wouldn’t have been caught dead in.

  3. Wow! 귀여운 디자인의 신발! 특히 밑 창의 지그제그 “Z” 모양이 마음에 들어요. 애니멀 프린팅이였으면, 더 사고싶었을 텐데.. 특히 호피 프린팅이라면 It’ item! 했을 지도..^ㅁ^

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