The Flask Purse

Written By bryanboy

It’s not every day I blog about things I saw from Twitter but when Janet of Graey NY sent me a link to her flask-inspired purse video, I must say I was enamored. See for yourself.


Cool purse aside, I thought it was a well-made video. After Janet introducing herself and her company briefly, she provided details about the flask purse such as what it can fit, what it’s made of and why you should buy it. Best of all, it was capped at exactly sixty seconds. I love this direct but personal and intimate approach that doesn’t sound forced or overt.

Visit to learn more.


  1. Omg, I was just floored by the outcome of the small bag. First I was thinking how could I fit something into that little bag, But then once she expanded it ! I couldn’t help but to be amazed !

  2. IamAvant Chic

    It almost has a vintagy feel to it. Small, useful, and cute. I would say that all in all, a good product with some real potetial. Her personal approach to marketing the product is also very likeable…

  3. This is a bit painful to watch for me. My mom gave me one of these and I dismissed it as one of those things that only old, Asian ladies wear. So I gave it to the Goodwill. I was so wrong! Sorry mom!

  4. Though the purse looks glam, I must say these kinds existed in the 60s. My mom had two , one in pink and the other in pale green with embroidered beads….the only new thing in the purse in the video is the top cap…

    This post is from India

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